Lawrence Hurst & Co is able to provide the following services.

  • Applying to the Inland Revenue under the rules of the Non Resident Landlord Scheme so that your tenant or letting agent will not have to deduct tax at source. 
  • Being responsible for preparing statements of income and expenditure and submitting tax returns to the Inland Revenue and agreeing your annual tax liability (if any) .
  • Ensuring that the maximum allowances and deductions are claimed to minimize your tax liability. 
  • Claiming UK Personal Allowances when necessary . 
  • Ensuring that you fully comply with your UK tax obligations so that you will be able to continue to receive rents without deduction of tax at source. 

    Our Charges are:
    • An annual fee of £400 (per property). 
    • Fees are inclusive of all disbursements-there are no extra charges for faxes, photocopying etc.

    Our fees are themselves allowable against your UK rental income. As a small firm, you will receive from us a personal service at an economic cost. We are very successful in ensuring that our clients pay little or no tax on their UK rental income and ensuring full compliance with UK tax requirements.